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Sam’s Cake Factory
How a housewife turns into a successful entrepreneur

Saturday, February 29, 2020

A cake that didn’t taste as good as it cost

It began with a high priced cake that could not justify its value. That inspired a wish in Sumaira’s mind:

“If someone can sell such a cake for a decent price, why can’t I?
I can do much better!”

The beginning

But her wish did not die out like most of the people. She took concrete steps instead. Took a few courses in baking and developed desired skills. After acquiring basic cooking and baking skills, she started selling her homemade cakes to friends and relatives.

Euronews coverage of Sam's Cake Factory on YouTube

Online Marketing

Once confident enough, with positive feedback, she entered the next phase – marketing. She created a Facebook Page and started offering the products online. Initially, she received around 4 orders per week. After Facebook marketing, the number of orders soon rose to 50. A mere thought, that became an idea, was now a real business. It was a happy moment!

Popularity and Expansion

Soon, the word spread and the cakes were in demand. Sam’s Cake Factory was now a popular brand, and Sumaira Waseem became famous in Karachi’s baking circles. The demand rose to an extent that she could no longer manage to serve it alone. Thus the business began to expand. She hired people, moved to a larger place, developed business structure and invested in latest equipment to support increasing demand.

Kept Learning and Growing

But unlike most people, she didn’t stop there. She kept learning and growing: attending trainings, workshops, and participating in events and exhibitions. And she didn’t keep it to herself. She began to train others and pass on her skills. Sam’s Cake Factory established Dexter Institute, which offers certificate and diploma courses in baking, cake decoration, cooking and hospitality.

Social Media Channel Utilization

Sumaira’s vision to tap on social media for promotion of her business paid off. Today, Sam's Cake Factory uses multiple social media platforms to promote the business. These channels are listed below along with basic stats on Sam Cake Factory’s following on each channel:
Facebook page296,241 likes
Instagram20.3k followers
YouTube250 subscribers
Twitter193 followers


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