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Stop being a passive buyer!

Saturday, February 22, 2020

We all wish to be happy buyers

Buying and selling are among the most frequent activities of our lives. These transactions help us fulfill our basic needs and desires e.g. joy, food, health, education, career etc. Thus, it’s one of the gateways of happiness. That’s why when people have money, they feel excited (with the thought of spending).

But we are not “lucky” every time

But do we get a good deal on every instance? Are we satisfied and happy after every transaction? Of course not. The frequency of unhealthy buying experience varies among individuals. For many, its frequently an anxious, uncertain and unpleasant experience. And that is mostly due to the way people approach buying: passively and casually.

What is passive buying and selling?

Passive is defined as:

accepting or allowing what happens or what others do, without active response or resistance.

Thus by being passive buyers, we choose to be spectators, not active participants.

Sellers too, are most often engaged in passive selling, leading to dire long term consequences on their business and good will. They too blame external factors (including customers) for “their” failure.

Buying is not a casual business

Unfortunately, most sales and purchases are carried out in a routine, casual and thoughtless fashion. And under false assumption that our buying experience is primarily determined by external factors beyond our control: price, stores, markets, brands, suppliers, salesperson and of course, luck. Our helpless attitude coupled with bad buying habits are the most important factors behind our frequent failure to be happy buyers. Due to our thoughtless and passive attitude, we lose control, not merely on the transactions, but life itself. Ultimately, both buyers and sellers continue to whine about poor buying outcome, without making any meaningful effort to change it.

Don’t hurt yourself, be mindful

As mentioned earlier, buying is not a casual activity; it needs to be approached thoughtfully and consciously. You need to ask yourself: do I really need this stuff? Is it worth the price? Should I wait for a better deal or product… and so on. Next time you sell or buy something, be mindful and active. You can easily avoid being regretful and feeling bad about yourself, again and again. Next time you go out buying or shop online, just think for a moment, before you “click here” to conclude the transaction.


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